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Reasons for choosing a specific deck vary widely and are highly personal to both the reader and the querent (read-ee.)

If you need help choosing a Tarot deck for me to read from, the images and information below should help. :)

The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle

The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle deck by Judy Hall includes stunning photos of crystals and stones in order to bring the vibrations of each of the pictured stones to the cartomancy format.

This deck has its own special spreads that often involve intricate and complex readings to address some of life's big situations.

They focus, on some level, on healing yourself through the situation.

A photo of your spread can help be a good focus for any meditation you may do as you work through the issue, as could building a similarly shaped grid of the stones in the cards.

The Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle

Be on the lookout for more information about this deck. :)

Galactic Heritage Cards

The Galactic Heritage Cards by Lissa Royal Holt include very fluid and vibrant art inspired by the civilizations described in Holt's channeling sessions.


As a note, many of my friends who communicate with inter-galactic beings and civilizations strongly disagree with the characterizations in Holt's books. For instance, her vision of the Pleiadeans differs strongly from those others hold.


I am not going to argue she's right or wrong about any of factual or historical positions she puts forward about these people and places.


What I will say is that the cards are the most accurate for their messages that I've ever seen or used, and they are exactly that accurate for anyone who picks them up, even if they're a novice.


The backstories she gives for the civilizations referenced in the cards may not be factual, but they do provide an exceedingly helpful framework for interpreting surreally accurate, resonant, and relevant messages. At this point, I treat them similarly to parables or myths: there is some Truth to be found in there that can greatly inform or even change your life.

The Phoenix Cards

Be on the lookout for more information about this deck. :)

Isis Oracle