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The Story of


In many online spaces, I go by "Alys," which is pronounced like Alice. 

I grew up in a circumscribed Christian home and school environment. I have a BA in language and linguistics and have studied five languages in addition to my native English: Latin, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Korean. I am the most fluent in French and am currently learning Korean. I received a law degree/Juris Doctorate in 2010 and had my only child soon thereafter. My favorite job of all time was as a stylist in a doll salon. I currently perform some freelance legal writing, but I prefer my two small online shops where I mainly sell my digital oil paintings. I have always lived in the Deep South of the US.

I have been branching out in my spiritual practices since about 2015. It has added great depth, comfort, and peace to my life.

I enjoy meditation, divination (especially cartomancy,) and creating art of the unseen--including companions and guides. I use a digital painting medium that simulates physical painting. I enjoy painting and drawing (and even sometimes sculpting) a great deal, but I like to keep my spaces tidy and compact. I also have a young son and two cats that are liable to accidentally interact with a wet painting sometimes.  So the digital format has worked well for me. It also keeps my supply costs low, which is definitely a bonus. I do some spellwork, but not often. The same is true of rituals. I am not opposed to throwing a hex, but I consider it carefully.

I am ADHD and possibly autistic, as is my husband. Our son is definitely both. I also have long term depression and anxiety disorders from having had to function so long without a diagnosis or supports (my ADHD wasn't identified until my late thirties.) This means sometimes I'll get overwhelmed or very busy and go a bit dark on communication. I always read, but I do not always write unless addressed directly. But it also means that my family's home lives are very colorful and that we have wonderful opportunities to practice deep love and support for each other. I wouldn't change a thing.

I love to read, and I do a ton of it. I follow about fifteen pagan blogs and a few Buddhist and Christian ones, as well as one Hindu one. Each week I read The Economist cover-to-cover, and I do the same with The Atlantic each month. I do not, however, follow "fast news" on TV or the internet for the most part. I find it stressful to do so. So the news magazines help me stay well-informed while also respecting my mental health needs. I have a stack of seven library books on my bedside table and am usually reading about three at any given time.

I also enjoy knitting sometimes. I love to be active--cycling, swimming, and yoga are my favorites,--but right now I'm focusing on walking as I bring myself back into shape after my most recent depression flare-up and a bad medication fit that caused me to gain about forty or fifty pounds. I'd like to go faster, but I realize that as I accept being middle-aged that it might be better for me to ease into such things.

I define myself as someone who cares deeply for others. I am a mother, first and foremost, and, as such, I have special regard in my heart for mothers and the work they do. I love to listen to and support others, and I will definitely "mom at them" if permitted.

I also LOVE to take photos and can take up to a thousand a day if I'm somewhere new or different.

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